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Successful Security Guard Company  in Businesses Since 2011

We have been serving Southern California for over 10 years. We have installed security systems, cameras and the like. Here we dedicate our time to providing Security Guards for all types of businesses and situations. You can count on us to provide the Best Security Guards in the industry.

Security Advice

We’ll help you decide how many and what type of security guards are needed for your situation or request.

Strategic Planning

We will have a plan from when the security guard shows up till the moment the guard clocks off.  We strive to plan our services around our clients.

Safe And Secure

Adding a security guard to your business or community Provides visible deterrent against potential crime .

Providing Security Guards that Impact Southern CA

• Events (Armed/Unarmed Guards)
• Hospital Security Guards
• Mall / Strip Mall Guard Services
• On site Uniformed Guard
• On site Plainclothes Security Guard
• On site Armed Security Guard
• On-site Unarmed Security Guard
• Executive Protection
• Celebrity Protection
• Bodyguards
• Escort Services (Employee, Client, Student)
• Private Security Services

What you can expect from our Security Officers

  • On time
  • In full uniform and groomed.
  • Professional, personable and most importantly helpful.
  • Equipped with Two-way radios/phone, flashlight, and related logs.
  • Will not abandon the post and must be properly relieved.
  • Valid license from Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Criminal background check.


We also check…

Pre-employment drug screenings
Motor vehicle record checks
Reference & Employment checks
Exceptional training in a class and on-site training
Detailed reporting and writing skills
Proper notifications in case of an emergency
Respect the privacy of our clients
Supervised by field supervisor




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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of security guards for Southern California. We know you have a choice when it comes to finding the right security guard company to assist your needs. We offer a free security quote. We are dedicated to your needs and delivering the right security guard choice. Please contact us below…

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  • 24 Hour Armed and Unarmed Security Guards


  • Event Security


  • Business Security Guards


  • Uniform or Plain Clothes Security Guards

100+ Satisfied Customers

“We Love Capital Security Guards. The have been our go-to when we need a onsite security guard for our company. You shouldn’t have to think twice about choosing them…”

Janet Renolds

We have used Capital Security Guards for years. They supply the security guard services for our hospital. On time and always dedicated to getting the job done right. Thanks a lot, you saved us!”

Sara Blankenship


Security Guard FAQ's

What is a Security Guard?

Security guards are hired by all types of businesses, condos, hospitals, stores, banks, homes private security and assist other organizations to help deter illegal activities. … The security guard can be in a uniform or plain street clothes, where typically a security officers are more uniformed. Each has their own separate job description, duties and training. We offer both  to assist our clients needs!

Why is security guard important?

Security guards provide a visible deterrent to criminals and provide professional protection for your business or home. … Our security guards are specifically trained to help prevent these crimes from occurring, and if need be call the proper authorities. Office buildings, dealership lots, events, homes and schools are also important places to have security staff employed.

What are the qualities of a good security guard?

Here are the best qualities of a great security guard. Awareness of surroundings. A good security guard is always aware and responsive to their surroundings. … Honesty. A quality security guard must be honest. … Adaptation. Being able to prepare to a changing situation, and make decisions based on the clients needs  … Great Communication Skills. … Ability to Serve Client and assist where possible.

What's the difference between security officer and security guard?

A security guard, are usually lower ranking of the two. Usually, a security guard works under a security officer/ field manager, and would not be required to have as much experience in the field as an officer. Usually have to pass entry level fitness and IQ tests, and obtain a guard card, also get paid less than an  security officer. Either way, have a security guard or security officer as a deterrent is one of the best ways to protect a site.

Do security guards have any authority?

Security officers are not required to make arrests, but have the authority to make a citizen’s arrest, or otherwise act as an agent of law enforcement, for example, at the request of a police officer or sheriff.

Search for: Do security guards have any authority? wiki/Security_guard

Can security guards handcuff you?

Security guards are not allowed to use unnecessary force and, in the vast majority of circumstances, are not permitted to carry or use a handgun. Security guards may use a baton and handcuffs but a baton may only be used by security guards for defensive purposes.

Call our office for specific details and we can offer the right type of security for your situation!

How long does it take to become a security guard?

For California security guards, they are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). In order to get a security guard license (guard card), you must first complete a pre-licensing course, often referred to as a “guard card class”. The guard card class is 8 hours long and can be completed in one day. It is composed of two sections: Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Some may be able to be taken as online courses. Check with the BSIS for more info.

How many types of security are there?

Three Main Types of Security Controls Are Preventative, Detective, and Adaptation. Controls (such as documented processes) and countermeasures (such as firewalls) must be implemented as one or more of these previous types, or the controls are not there for the purposes of security. There are lots of types of businesses and homes that need security guards that are able to provide protection. Call our office and see how we can help your specific situation!

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